August’s Business Cultural Tune Up!

Suzanne blog.JPGOn these hot sizzling August afternoons, what else would you rather be doing than brushing up on Canadian office culture and practicing your language skills?  Well, because of the insight of Program Coordinator, Teresa Tao, that’s exactly where three keen volunteers and on average a dozen of even keener newcomers spent the first two weeks in August. Continue reading

Olympic refugee team resonates with immigrants in Canada.

refugees-1180.jpgWith the Rio Olympics going on right now, the energy and excitement surrounding it has been wonderful! Team Canada has made Olympic history in several events, shown the world just how powerful we are, and has helped bring the country (closer) together! I wanted to share an article I found on CBC’s website. The writer talks about the 1st ever Olympic refugee team, and how they’re helping to change the face of the Olympic games. Enjoy :)  Continue reading