Digital Storytelling Club, 2017

WG_crew_03Over four sessions this past July, WoodGreen’s Community Connections team and a group of participants escaped the unruly summer heat in favor of some creative expression. With the assistance of Teresa Tao, Community Connections’ Group Activities Coordinator, a group of creative and curious participants descended upon WoodGreen’s Coxwell and Danforth location to uncover the new world of digital storytelling. Read on to hear about this Digital Storytelling Club Program. Enjoy! 

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Creative Writing and Blogging at WoodGreen, 2017!

publication1.jpgBack by popular demand is the Creative Writing and Blogging program, organized by WoodGreen’s Community Connections Team. Over the course of 4 weeks, participants gathered to learn about, and practice their creative writing skills. The end goal was to develop blog posts, which they have been kind enough to share with us 🙂 For your reading pleasure, I would like to share with you a participant’s contribution to the Creative Writing and Blogging program. Enjoy!  Continue reading