About Valerie


Valerie Smith, Program Supervisor at WoodGreen Community Services

Born and raised in Toronto, Valerie has always enjoyed being social and being around people, but never thought about having that be the foundation of her career. This all changed after the loss of her grandmother when she was a teenager. Utilizing bereavement counselors and youth support groups helped Valerie grieve, and indirectly helped her decide what she wanted to do as her career.

Valerie went on to attend the Social Service Worker program at Humber College and then completed her Bachelor of Arts Psychology degree from Carleton University.

Valerie began working at a group home for children in care of Children’s Aid Society, which quickly opened her eyes to the world beyond her bedroom. She developed a very strong relationship with an immigrant boy, whose father was killed in Afghanistan and whose mother and sister fled, with him, to Canada. Unable to properly care for him, his mother had to surrender him to CAS. This began Valerie’s decade long interest in settlement and immigration.

Having been at WoodGreen for over 3 years, Valerie has focused her work on providing professional newcomers employment support programs. She enjoys being able to help newcomers in their search for work, so as to make their transition into Canadian life a happy one.