Funding Resource to Help Newcomers Navigate their Career Goals

DVP4945375-e1445388436703.jpgAs a volunteer with WoodGreen Community Connections, I have come across many newcomers who struggle with the challenge of getting their professional education recognized by Canadian organizations. The option of going back-to-school is a daunting and expensive task for many to tackle, compounded by their lack of financial history in Canada which prevents them from easily accessing reasonable sources of funding. Continue reading


How To Make Friends: always say yes to good food and volunteering

Maple Leaf.PNGI am so happy to share with you a new guest bloggers contribution. Cheryll, one of our Community Connections volunteers, shared with us her experience immigrating to Canada as a young child. It is a motivational and inspiring post about overcoming challenges, getting to know your new community, and embracing new cultures! Enjoy 🙂  Continue reading