IT Tips in Toronto – Part 2

download.jpgI would like to share with you another blog post regarding tips for internationally trained IT professionals. One of our participants has been kind enough to share with us another post, about his experience using library resources. Enjoy!

After having shared with you about how I met people and learned new topics through meetups (if you didn’t read about it, the link is here), I would like to now talk about public library resources.

In Toronto, libraries are good knowledge centres with excellent infrastructure, offering free Wi-Fi, computers, comfortable furniture, air conditioning, and silence- an important item.

When you visit the library, a first step is getting the library card, so that you can borrow books, magazines, audio resources, and movies, which are on the shelves or on the search page.

Fortunately, many of these items are in the IT section. Therefore, designers, systems analysts, programmers, and others can study by using brand new technology resources, because new editions are bought periodically. It’s true- I found language books edited in 2017!

If your choice isn’t available, you can reserve it and order the delivery to a library close to your home, because all branches are connected. It’s amazing. Your reserved item will be available in around five days.

Besides of physical publications, libraries offer digital resources like eBooks, and complete online courses. Partners help to raise the content of knowledge through third-party apps and websites. For example, Lynda website gives you free ten day access by using your library card.

Furthermore, there are banners at libraries that advertise and promote talks and workshops. I learned about WoodGreen’s Community Connections Program through one of these advertisements. Pay attention and be on the look out of that!

Some workshops happen at Digital Innovation Hubs. If you want to know about new technologies and equipment, follow up on hubs news. These work spaces offer 3D design and printing classes and can lend out tablets, Arduinos, and Raspberry Pis for IT enthusiasts.

Bonus Tip: Target open data enthusiastic like me. Toronto public library have an exclusive area for APIs and data on its website. Enjoy!

This is my list of IT tips for finding physical and digital resources at Canadian libraries.

Do you have any tips? Leave them in the comments!

Thank you for reading and see you later.

Alexandre Belloni Alves, Aystems Analyst


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