Our Volunteer Recruitment Process

volunteer-opportunitiesI don’t know about all of you, but November has been a super busy month! Trainings, meetings, reports, and an exciting Volunteer Fair! 

Adrienne, our Volunteer Coordinator, and I had the opportunity to attend York University’s Volunteer Fair to meet students and recruit potential volunteers. Now, volunteer recruitment isn’t always the easiest. You have to ensure that the person is interested in the work you do and is willing to commit to the program. More importantly, you have to make sure that they will ENJOY themselves.. this is, after all, their free time we’re asking for!

On this day, we were fortunate enough to meet a great deal of students, and family of students, interested in the Community Connections Program. It was nice to see so many people with such energy and motivation. We didn’t have to tell them twice about the importance of volunteering, especially when you have little to no work experience (See all of our posts about volunteering and why it’s so important here, here, here, here and here ). These students told us all about their school programs and what skills they have that may contribute to our programs. They had new ideas and a willingness to help our participants! All-in-all a busy, yet fun day.

This got me thinking about you, our readers. Just in case you were interested in volunteering with us, I wanted to put a post together to show you our volunteer recruitment process. You will see, first hand, what it’s like when you reach out to us for more information on volunteering with the Community Connections Program!

When someone is looking for volunteer work, they may go to Volunteer Toronto’s website and browse the postings. Here is one of our volunteer postings on that site. Upon seeing our posting, and wanting more information, you would contact Adrienne at ccvolunteer@woodgreen.org.

From there, Adrienne would invite you in for an orientation and interview. The orientation is designed to showcase all of our programs and to give you a better idea of the skills needed, as well as the commitment required for each volunteer position.

The interview is similar to that of a job interview. You would be asked about your past experiences, your skills, and why you would be a good fit for our program. We also require you to provide two references (one personal and one professional) to share some insights into your past experiences.

Last but not least, you would be asked to complete a Police Reference Check.  Most, if not all, organizations require a completed police reference check in order to volunteer. This ensures the safety of all participants, volunteers and staff.

Once all the paper work is complete, your name would then be added to our very sophisticated Volunteer List. Once an opportunity becomes available, you would be contacted by either Teresa or Katerina, depending on the positions(s) you expressed interest in. When you get that call, you are OFFICIALLY a Community Connections Volunteer!

To date, we have over 400 volunteers on our list. All of our programs are volunteer led, and we owe all of our successes to these wonderful individuals! Our volunteers have shared their experiences with us and it is motivating to hear their stories about how they have helped our participants.

Questions? Interested in learning more? Send us an email 🙂

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