Newcomer Volunteer Opportunities in Summer Sixteen

summer-sixteen-2The Community Connections Team is always looking for exciting opportunities for our newcomer participants to gain volunteer experience. This summer was a busy one for our Group Activities Coordinator and our newcomer volunteers. Read about all of our volunteering adventures during our summer in the 6ix! 

In June, the team volunteered for the Toronto Taste Festival at Corus Quay. A total of 15 volunteers participated in this event. The group volunteered as information ambassadors and tent attendants. They provided program information and site maps, while providing general customer service to the public. This event raised $850,000 for Second Harvest, Canada’s largest food rescue charity, enough to provide food for 1.7 million meals to people facing hunger across Toronto.  This was the Community Connections’ 5th year volunteering with Toronto Taste!


Every summer United Way connects with various organizations to partner for Days of Caring. This year, the Community Connections Team was able to partner with KPMG for an engaging and lively English Conversation Circle for our newcomer participants. The group participated in several activities with KPMG representatives along with business students. This was the first time the team has worked with KPMG, and with such positive feedback we hope it won’t be the last!


In August, our participants had the chance to volunteer at Dusk Dances. This provided the participants the opportunity to volunteer as ushers and production staff for the performances at Withrow Park. Dusk Dances is an outdoor dance festival that brings high quality contemporary and traditional dance to public parks. As dusk descends, a theatrical host leads the audience to eclectic dance pieces that unfold in different areas of the park. The Community Connections volunteers were able to practice their English communication skills while participating in a unique theatre environment.


To end the Summer Sixteen, our newcomer volunteers participated in the Word On The Street. The Word On The Street is a free, annual outdoor festival, celebrating Canadian reading and writing, and championing literacy. The group had a chance to volunteer as information specialists and be a part of Canada’s largest book and magazine fair. Since 1990, The Word On The Street has proudly hosted the finest talent in Canadian literature.

word on the street.JPG

We are always so happy to witness events such as these. Our participants enjoy themselves, and are so grateful for, these activities!

Are you interested in participating in NEWCOMER VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES? Send me an email at

Do you have an idea as to where we could volunteer? Leave us a comment!

Thanks for reading,


Program Supervisor, Community Connections Program Supervisor


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