How Volunteering Helped Me Find A Job!

blog picYet another guest blogger to share their story with you! Please read below, one of our participant’s experiences with the Community Connections Program at WoodGreen. Enjoy 🙂 


Knowing that finding a job for a newcomer is a priority, I would like to share my experience on how I found my path. 

First, I decided to volunteer with WoodGreen Community Services and was fortunate enough to receive a position that complimented my experience! This was important for me for several reasons.

First, I like this organization and its people because they really help us to get oriented, support us, inspire and teach in a completely new environment.  I enjoyed their creative and highly professional events. Each of them helped me to become more knowledgeable in all aspects of my life, whether it is a job search or improving my English or adjusting to a new life.

Second, the volunteering experience gave me an opportunity to stay in an office environment and continue utilizing my professional skills. I had a chance to observe how people communicate, behave, and contribute in a Canadian way. It was different from my experience in my home country. I learned why soft skills which are so important in Canada.

Third, it gave me the feeling of being useful and meaningful because I contributed to services that helped other people like me, to reach a success.

It also gave me a chance to stay among people, since I don’t have anyone in Canada with me, except my direct family. This experience protected me from loneliness.

Another reason is that now I could proudly put my volunteering experience onto my resume, and I am sure that the employers respected that and trusted me more. Also, being a newcomer and having no one to be a reference for me, I was so greatly supported by, and appreciated WoodGreen staff, who provided excellent references. The result…I got a job!

So, volunteering is very beneficial in numerous ways.  Don’t ignore it!

My next step was registering with the recruitment companies Altis HR  and Ajilon.  If you get into their database, they will be regularly proposing temporary assignments to you, which as we all know, may end up with a permanent job! They don’t charge anything from the candidates and they are efficient.

Try this strategy, it worked for me. It may work for you!

Good luck!

Guest Blogger, Raushan


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