The Lazy Days Of Summer

Adirondack-Chair-282x210.jpgAs I take a break from my computer and look out my office window, I think about playing on a warm beach or walking through a refreshing forest. Ontario summers are some of the best in the world! It takes forever to get here, so once it does, Canadians want to soak up every second of it! Oh, how the lazy hazy days of summer make us forget our worries and obligations. (Hence, forgetting to post a new blog post last week… oops, sorry!)

For those searching for work, it can be an even bigger challenge to stay motivated during this season. While everyone is taking summer vacations away from the office, you’re stuck indoors looking for, and applying to job after job. It makes you wonder… is summer even a good time to search for employment?? I’m here to tell you that YES, it is!

To start, we have loads of daylight during the summer. Remember, back in December when we said good-bye to the sun at 5:00pm? Not in August! Kids are still playing in the street well past dinner time. Sunlight has a way to trick our minds into thinking we have been given the gift of more time. More time to get things done. More time to mow the lawn, wash the car, or work on your resume.

Although the idea of chilling pool side all day and enjoying a long summer break may seem very (very) attractive, it can impact your job search. Just because the Toronto heat is making you melt, it doesn’t mean your drive and determination need to melt with it. Get out there and socialize, because summer is a social season. Many professionals are more willing to get out and network during warm summer evenings. Take this as your cue to check out local networking events to meet new people and polish your small talk skills. It is also a great time to get out and volunteer. Kelli Hlavach, Marketing Intern at Medix, suggests looking outward and into volunteering in your community.  Not only will this relieve your stress and boost your positive thinking, it will also help to fill in any gaps on your resume.

It may seem like everyone is on vacation and taking off on fun adventures, but there are loads of services open and available to you. Visit an Employment Centre to get additional support on your resume, or to further practice your interview techniques. Make it part of your summer routine. Which brings me to my next point… keep your routine going. Get up early, put on your favourite shirt (dress, pants), and spend some time on employment related tasks. If you’re a parent, it may be difficult to manage your time with the kids home and wanting to play, but try and find an activity that will occupy them for 15 minutes at a time so that you can make your cold calls, revamp your cover letters, and send those thank you emails to your interviewers.

What keeps you motivated during the summer? Let me know in the comments.

Stay cool,

Valerie, Supervisor of the Community Connections Program

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