Digital Storytelling Final Assignment

blog 1As part of the Community Connections Team’s Digital Storytelling program, an assignment was given out to all participants. Using the skills they learned, they were instructed to take some pictures and tell a story! Thank you to all those who contributed. I would love to share more of these stories. Here is only one… for now 🙂 Enjoy! -Valerie 


She walks slowly, her hands in her jacket pockets. She looks around, stops for a while, she picks a dry and dead leaf lying on the ground. I wonder …

What is she thinking? How is she feeling?

Is she sad? Her dark brown eyes moving hopelessly as if lost in deep thoughts. Is she alone? Is she scared to be on her own? The world can be so cruel and cold when you don’t know where to go. She must be shivering with a thin black jacket that hardly covered beyond her skirt. The skirt, a grey plaid skirt, that matched the grey pavement and most of the houses in the neighborhood. A few scattered clouds here and there but mostly clear with the cool wind blowing her long black hair. She kept walking, slowly and aimlessly, as if waiting for something or someone to tell her where to go. As she walks away, she leaves me bemused … I wish I knew whether she needed help and how I could help. I wish I could tell her that everything will be okay.

blog 2.jpg

I see her again; she is with someone, a man. I am curious and wonder …

What is she thinking? How is she feeling?

She still seems to be walking slowly but this time observing the trees, the few leaves that have sprung. She picks up some flowers here and there and sometimes I actually caught her smile holding a flower in her hand. It was a simple yellow flower, nothing fancy, that grows in the fields even if uncared for. It is gloomy but she seems somewhat surer of herself and knows where she is going. She talks very little with the gentleman; instead she seems more interested to immerse herself in the little color that can see and feel. She represents a sense of contentment, the kind you feel when you have accepted your life and its ups and downs, after all, we are human beings. I was relieved that she was with someone; maybe he could help her and show her the way?

blog 3

I saw her again a month later. This time she seems inattentive to the surroundings. She looks completely different, wrapped in a bright orange summer dress that perfectly complements her beautiful smile and her hair flowing in the cool breeze.

What is she thinking? How is she feeling?

She is in a deep conversation with a few others; I am thinking they are her friends. She laughs loudly at something this other person says, most likely some joke, an inside joke that I am definitely not privy to. I am somewhat envious of her now … she seems to be in her zone, comfortable and happy. What happened to the sad little girl who was walking all alone? Has she found her direction? Or has she suddenly realized how amazing and beautiful she is, her friends must have helped her! It’s not sympathy that I feel anymore. I am actually happy for her, happy she has finally found peace and some direction.

 Aren’t we all lost at times, or feel like a total failure? Don’t we feel alone sometimes even when although there are thousand people among us? Don’t we feel absolutely clueless as to what to do, what our lives mean and where we are heading? I think that it is okay that we feel this way; it is what is unique about us beings. We are intelligent and brave; we pick ourselves up and surround ourselves with positive energy when needed. We all, with a little help, can find our path and strive towards what makes us happy. Life is ever changing and a constant journey and we walk through it, sometimes alone, sometimes with others, but we carry on, we must carry on.

By Eiliyah Zahra Deewan, Guest Blogger

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