The Last Day In My Country, My Journey To Canada

fb-opengraph-icon.jpgAs Canada Day approaches, I wanted to share this amazing story with you. Back in May, the team organized a Memoir and Creative Writing Program for newcomers, to learn new ways to use descriptive writing to describe their journey to Canada. Two of our volunteers taught the group how to express themselves in their own unique way. I am pleased to showcase one of the participants’ pieces of work here. Daria is from Russia, and has been in Canada for less than 3 months! Here is her story. Enjoy!

My last day in my country was incredibly sad and bitter. I was so confused and lost. But also I felt torn apart and calm at the same time. Sometimes it was like watching the situation somewhere from above.

All of my dreams from the past 5-6 years just disappeared. I couldn’t remember  any reasons why I decided to move to Canada. I had had a very clear image of my future life but on this day, it was all gone. Only on this day did I realized that I am going to a foreign country, far-far away, where I had never been before. It was kind of a scary feeling.

I kept thinking about my family, my wonderful friends. Everyone was exceptionally nice to me. One of my friends gave me an incredible present; It was a t-shirt with Captain America and Iron Man smiling and hugging like best buddies. It had a very special meaning for both us. Of course, I was wearing this t-shirt all the way to Canada!

During my good-byes, at some moment it began to feel like my funeral. You know sometimes when we wonder what people would say at our funerals? That kind of moment. I guess now I have an idea.

I remember my mother silently crying and trying not to show her tears. I couldn’t understand why she was crying. It wasn’t the first time I moved far away. But she just couldn’t stopped. She bought me a blueberry yogurt and made some tea in a thermos for the airport. Black, hot, no sugar.

The saddest thing was saying goodbye to my grandfather. He was sick and couldn’t even stand properly. I really, really tried not to cry but just couldn’t help it. My grandad also tried to be tough but started crying at some point. My heart ached to see him struggling like that. Thank god, his wife was there and calmed us both saying nice things about how my life will be better, and that I’ll come to visit. It is not Mars after all, just North America.

It was in the deep of night and the streets were empty, silently quiet and a lot of disturbing yellow light from street lanterns, the air was warm. The airport was quite quiet as well, except for horrible clinking of metal and plastic at the security control. My usually super calm and friendly cat was so terrified she almost ran away. She was like a wild lynx fighting for her life. My doubts about whether or not it was a wise decision to take her with me only became stronger.

But then all was over. We were on our plane. Tears and sentiments were left behind. I knew I had to build my new life and reinvent my Canadian dream. I felt very determined and all thoughts in my head were like schemes and plans about the future. The plane took off and I whispered to my cat: “Sweety, we are flying home.”

Guest Blogger, Daria Shorova

Please let Daria know what you thought about her essay. Leave a comment below, and let her know YOUR journey to Canada! -Valerie


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