Take Ownership Of Your Success

Kat blogAs the Mentorship Coordinator with the Community Connections Program, Katerina motivates and supports mentors and mentees to get the most out of their mentorships. Katerina puts a lot of effort into communicating new ideas and ways to incorporate new initiatives into our participants relationships. I have asked her to provide us with some resources on how to own your success. Here is what she recently provided to our Community Connections Program’s Mentorship participants:

Take ownership of your success. What does this look like?

1. Your mentors are here to give you guidance, support and share information that is related to your professions. Therefore be clear on the goals you would like to accomplish. Your mentors can be the most helpful if they know what you are looking to accomplish. Also, take charge of your meetings by starting the conversation and the goal you like to talk about. If you are unsure, give your mentor a call and we can help clarify your goal(s).

2. Be respectful of everyone’s schedules. Everyone has busy lives and it takes time to organize information. Therefore, I would like to see you take the initiative and set up meetings with your mentor and to network. Provide your mentor with some days and times you would like to meet along with the goal you would like to discuss. This gives your mentor the opportunity to organize their information or reach out to their contacts that will be helpful for this goal.

3. Do your homework and research the information that your mentor has given you. Yes, your mentors are here to guide you. However, it is still important that you be proactive in the development of your career search.

Tip: Professionals and athletes are good at what they do because they practice. If you expect your mentor to rewrite your resume or do your research for you, you are only enhancing your mentor’s skills. You will be missing out on the privilege of building on or learning a new skill. The skills you learn in your mentorship will give you the confidence to succeed in your professional and personal lives!

4. You don’t know if you don’t try. If you fail, try again. Sometimes it takes a while to accomplish a goal. The thing most of us may not realize is that failure is part of success. This is the only way we can truly learn, and you cannot achieve something if you don’t try. Take a look at this chart below of the language you may be using which may be preventing you from reaching your goal:


Remember, this is your mentorship. Take charge and get what you want out of it!

Have you been a part of a mentorship before? How was it? Let us know in the comment section!

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Thanks for reading!

Katerina, Community Connections Program’s Mentorship Coordinator and Guest blogger