Job Seeking Tasks

Job-Search.pngI’ve been wanting to create a post that would challenge you, our readers. A post that would give you a few actionable items to take with you after you close your browser. Then, I realized that many of our posts indirectly and directly provide actionable items for our readers. So then, I decided that I wanted to test the Community Connections Program’s social networks!The CC team has a LinkedIn group, a Twitter account, and this blog. Having a pretty decent number of followers, I posed the following question to our network:

What job seeking tasks have you done in your job search?

I posted in on the CC LinkedIn group page, our Twitter account, as well as reached out to a few of my colleagues.

We had 9 people respond, and through those several mediums, I was given the following advice:

I started reaching out to people in my network over coffee/lunch chats to let them know that I was looking for my next opportunity, and asking for introductions to people working in the field I am interested in. This, so I can have more coffee/lunch chats. NEVER eat alone.

Network, network, network: Subscribed to LinkedIn Premium and sent out an InMail or two each day to someone within my industry or field of expertise, inviting them out for a coffee to find out how I can help them.

Practice makes perfect! Identify potential interview questions. Develop a set of strong answers and practice your answers to friends, family, or mentors. 

I explored many tasks including; networking, information interviews, online and recruiter conferences, volunteering, and reaching out to family, and friends.  When I first graduated from university years ago, I walked into different organizations in Oshawa.  I ended up getting an interview with BDC bank, but I did not get that job. I also took courses to strengthen my skills and through those connections, I landed an HR volunteer job with a classmate’s organization.  Having an in, the department head of another program sent me job postings, which I applied for, got interviews for, and landed job offers through! Keep in mind… it is important to be proactive with your job search. The more you put yourself out there, the better your chances become. You can’t control the economy, but you can be strategic on how you position yourself for the job market. It is a competitive market.

Go to employment resource centres, and attend job search workshops. Get out there and attend job fairs, start volunteering, take courses to improve your skills and expand your knowledge. Sign up for job alerts through job search websites targeting your skills and experience. 

Reconnecting with both professional and personal contacts – actually telling them “I am actively searching for a new opportunity” so that you are top of mind when something comes up in their organization. Also research, research, research!  Whether it be different job titles, reading and analyzing various job descriptions and ensuring that you have at least 80% of the skills/experience they require. Comparing transferable skills always!

Identify and prepare. Identify industries and sectors where your specialty applies. Identify employers you aspire to work for. Prepare a job search log to record any activity in an organized fashion. Prepare a portfolio of your main work and accomplishments. Prepare a list of your references.

As you can see, there are a few themes and overlaps in everyone’s advice. I really enjoyed writing this post. It allowed me to reach out to my network and get some different perspectives on this topic. It also allowed people to participate in this post, who may not have had to urge to write an entire blog post on their own. Oh! I almost forgot. Challenge complete! I was able to utilize the team’s social networks to develop this post. It was great to see the responses once I put the question out there.

Thank you to everyone who provided information and took the time to answer my question!

What do you think? Have you done any of these tasks? Have you done something different? Let us know in the comments!


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