Do I Need To Be Online?

online-profileQuestion. The last time you needed an address, how did you find it? Did you look it up in the phone book (… the what?), or did you head to your computer and type in   G-O-O-G-L-E? 

Forbes magazine reported on a study that found that we use the internet to look something up first, 80% of the time. We use the phone book second or third, 50% of the time. I don’t even think I own a phone book!

If that is how we typically find basic information about locations or products, doesn’t it seem logical that employers would Google US during the hiring process? (All together now…) YES! Which is why it is important to have an online presence that not only advertises your skills and personality, but also shows outsiders a professional and hire-able side.

The most popular social media sites, where you can build profiles, include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. For all these sites, here are some tips on remaining professional and attractive to potential employers:

  1. Make your profile relevant:
    • When creating a profile include a detailed job history. Just like in a resume, this will show your accomplishments and strengths.
  2. Maintain your contacts within your network:
    • This is one that I find to be a bit tedious. How do I remain in contact with my network without seeming overbearing or pushy? You want to keep in touch, but not demand too much from your contacts (asking for a job within their company for example). Perhaps this is a topic for another post?
  3. Engage with companies:
    • Find the companies within your industry that you are interested in. Like their groups, comment on their posts, and show them that you’re interested in them.
  4. Search for jobs:
    • You may already be signed up with Indeed, Monster or Simply Hired. Use these sites to build a profile and look for jobs in your sector. Using the previous point, look for postings on companies’ Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pages that you’re already a part of to stay up to date on openings.

All that being said, we clearly live in a digital world. Social media profiles are inevitable. Everyone, including employers, knows that. The power of being online will only grow as we develop, so take advantage of this and get online! Have fun. Be yourself. And establish a positive presence.

For additional social media support, beyond this blog, please check out the Community Connections’ Twitter page and LinkedIn group.


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