Winter Job Hunting

TT blog picWhen the first snow starts to fall, winter is here!

Newcomers to Canada, are you ready to proceed with your job hunting through the harsh adversity of the Canadian winter?  Or, are you a winter hater who simply want to hibernate?

As days get shorter and the temperature drops way below zero, do you find it harder to roll out of bed in the morning?  Feeling sleepy and sluggish?  Having the winter blues?  You are certainly not alone.  Blame the lack of sunlight.

Before you decide to take the winter off, think twice! – as the beginning of the year is really a great time to look for a job.

Here’s why:

For many companies, their new fiscal year starts in January.

With new budgets in place, and as hiring managers are back from their holiday vacations, the interview season kicks off soon after the New Year fireworks!

So, don’t let winter scare you, and don’t miss out on great job opportunities.  With hiring activities happening with higher frequency, January and February are truly a blessing in disguise for job hunters.

Yes, winter is a challenging season for us all and it’s hard to feel motivated to look for a job when the cold weather is constantly bothering us, making us feel miserable.  Put on your boots, get out and take a walk, regardless.  Try it!  Breathe some fresh air, enjoy the precious sunshine, and listen to the snow crunching underneath your winter boots as you walk…crunch, crunch, crunch.  It’s kind of fun.  As you plow through your job hunting each day with a winning attitude, you are going to feel just great.

One thing for sure, winter adversity builds character.  Use the bleakest time of the year to test your perseverance, my dear friend.  Even if you don’t see any job postings out there that interest you, don’t just stay idle.  Use your time wisely to work on your elevator speech, improve your electronic profile, expand and strengthen your network through social media, and always keep a list of your strengths and skills to constantly remind yourself how wonderful you are, despite of all the setbacks and silent treatments you might have encountered in your job search.

In your downtime, uplift your spirt with anecdotes, humour and laughter.  Sooth your heart and soul with a cup of hot chocolate or a bowl of chicken soup.  Do things that make you happy, take Vitamin D, and make sure to give yourself abundant TLC (tender loving care).

Here comes Ms. Job Hunter on her way to a job interview on a cold winter day.  As the snowflakes are whirling and dancing all around her, she imagines herself as Jennifer Lawrence in the movie Hunger Games, while carrying an invisible archer in her heart, shooting after her dream job.  Good day, Ms. Job Hunter.  We wish you good luck!

Late in the dark winter night, with the north wind howling, Mr. Job Hunter is still up – sitting in front of his home computer, meticulously tweaking his resume and cover letter for a job application.  He really, really wants this job, and his mind is so focused, with great determination and clear intention.  As he finally clicks the send button, he looks satisfied and, therefore, treats himself an arrowroot cookie, dipped in a glass of warmed milk.  Good night, Mr. Job Hunter.  We wish you good luck!

Winter blessings to all immigrant and Canadian job hunters.  We wish you good luck!

Teresa Tao

4 thoughts on “Winter Job Hunting

  1. Thank you Teresa for warm and encouraging words. I didn’t know that January and February is a good time for job hunting, so as an immigrant and a job hunter myself I’ll try to devote more time to my job search and put more energy into success. And I really agree with the part about cheering ourselves up from time to time with things we like, such as a cup of freshly made hot chocolate. It really helps to keep me going.


  2. Hi Anna,

    A cup of hot chocolate is packed with flavonoids, antioxidants, and calcium. Really good for you!

    The most healthful versions of hot chocolate uses a mix of real dark chocolate and cocoa powder.

    Hope you an enjoy a cup tonight!


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