November Events @ Community Connections

upcoming eventsWant to know what’s happening with the Community Connections Program this month? 

To register for any event, please contact Teresa Tao at

Nov. 7th to Dec. 19th, 2015 (7 Saturdays)

10am – 11am at WoodGreen at 1491 Danforth Avenue, 1st floor, Room 2 (west of Coxwell)

Office Dynamics! Understanding human behaviour in the workplace

Come and join our 7-week special series to practice and learn:

  1. Workplace Communication (Nov. 7 & Dec. 5) Business buzzwords, common expressions, and the art of communicating with your boss and colleagues
  2. Interview Techniques (Nov. 14 & Dec. 12) Mock interviews with training provided by experts on various styles of job interviews
  3. Business Etiquettes & Office Dynamics (Nov. 21 & Dec. 19) Soft skills training for your success at the Canadian workplace, using case studies and office scenarios enactment exercises
  4. Small Talk by the Office Water Cooler (Nov. 28) Light-hearted small talk exercises to help you work on your social and networking skills)

November 20 to December 4, 2015 (3 Fridays)

1:30pm – 3pm at Danforth/Coxwell Branch Library, 1675 Danforth Avenue, 2nd floor, Workshop Room (East of Coxwell)

Books & Tea for Newcomers

Come join us for 3 enchanted afternoons with heart-warming books, hot tea and lively group discussions!

Our pick:

Migrant Stories and Canadian Articles

Including: The Things They Carry by Marie Myung-Ok Lee

Our reading sessions will help newcomers to:

  • Enhance reading flow and reduce accent
  • Learn how to pronounce difficult words properly
  • Practice reading, listening and speaking in a group setting


  • English Conversation Circles (ECC)
    • Join our program volunteers who are native English speakers and share exciting discussion topics on all aspects of Canadian culture, current events, employment and more.
    • More information here
  • A Taste of French Canada
    • Join our program volunteers who are native French speakers and have fun learning and speaking French.
    • More information here  and here

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