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No new mailI am applying to 16 positions a week. And nothing. N.O.T.H.I.N.G., not even a negative answer! Just pure silence. Employers don’t even take the time to give me a negative answer. I will never find a job again.“

As an Employment Consultant, I hear it all the time. 

Finding a job can be difficult and discouraging. If you are unemployed, you probably have the same frustrating story. You are out of a job for different reasons; you are a newcomer, you have been laid off, you just graduated from University… At first, you were very eager to find a job, you came up with a resume and from your home computer, you have been applying.  That went on for a week, a month, and longer. You wake up in the morning, ready to be hired. Day after day, your mailbox is desperately empty, neither positive nor negative, there are simply no answers. Slowly, you start losing hope and motivation. The frustration builds up and you even start to question your employability and skills. The job hunting becomes a burden, waking up early to apply seems useless. Reluctantly, you start applying to positions you are over qualified for. And even then, No. Answer.

Have you reconsidered questioning your application method? What if the problem was not coming from your skills but more from how and where you applied?

Let’s flip the situation the other way. You are a recruiter who cares about your company and the person who will replace your amazing colleague. You have received 320 applications. When screening resumes, you realize that 315 candidates have sent a generic resume and a cover letter on which they just modified the name of the company. And then, there are 5 candidates who, on top of having the required skills, took the time to read the job description and seem highly motivated to work for your company. Who do you think deserve a call back? That’s right.

The Canadian job market is not over saturated, there are tones of opportunities. However, there are not 16 positions a day that match your personality, your skills and your career aspirations. Rather than applying to 16 jobs a week, focus on 5 positions that seem to fit you better. I guarantee that the rate of answers you receive will increase.

In short:

  1. Think quality over quantity.
  2. Picture yourself in the position. Are your current skills are transferrable the job description? Would you continue growing? What is it about this company that makes you want to work there?
  3. If you want to be considered, then consider the employer. Make the difference. Think about ways to show them that you are the one they need. What makes you the best fit?
  4. Don’t underestimate your professional background but don’t lie about your experience and skills!
  5. Personalize your application by customizing your cover letter and adapting your resume to each position

Looking for a job is a complex task. Like everything else, you need to understand the rules of the game before playing it right.

Stay tuned for our upcoming posts for tips on building a resume, making the best cover letter, and much more!


Employment Consultant

Recruitment Manager

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